Why hearing protection?


For long-lasting good hearing.


Often we underestimate the stress to which we expose our hearing every day. 80 dB or more should be enough to wear hearing protection - the permanent exposure to noise in everyday life without protection often leads to a gradual reduction in hearing ability. The risk of tinnitus and stress-related illnesses increases enormously, and the requirements can vary greatly depending on the noise situation.  High attenuation, the perception of warning signals and speech intelligibility are frequent criteria. Our products cover a wide range of requirements and can therefore be used in many situations. Hearing protectors with insulation elements and filters reliably reduce noise, but at the same time they allow enough noise to pass through so that dangers can be recognised and addressed in good time.  Acoustic special filters enable good speech intelligibility despite insulation. 80 dB volume and above, the employer is obliged to provide hearing protection. Above 85 dB, the employer must ensure that the earplug is worn. The wearing acceptance of standard earplugs is considerably lower than that of custom-made earplugs. Observations in companies have shown this. Many employees complain about the poor wearing comfort of standard products and therefore do not wear hearing protection or do not wear it continuously.

Like a tailor-made suit, the individual hearing protection is precisely manufactured to fit the ears. Due to the proven materials they are hardly noticeable and guarantee a high wearing comfort. The ears of the wearer serve as a model! For this an ear impression is taken in advance.

Our products offer optimum protection for your hearing - for long-lasting good hearing.

Custom hearing protection made by Silentics

Vorteile von Ihrem angepasstem Gehörschutz

  • individual customized hearing protection
  • perfectly suitable for industrial use
  • optimal wearing comfort
  • several filter strengths available
  • moisture-resistant
  • long-lasting
Adapted hearing protection
Adapted hearing protection


Always have the noise level under control.


Perfect fit for durable good hearing.

Hearing protection with insulation elements and filters reliably reduces noise, but at the same time it allows enough noise to pass through to detect dangers in good time and to be responsive. Like a tailor-made suit, the individual hearing protection is precisely tailored to your ear shape. Due to the proven materials it is hardly noticeable and guarantees a high wearing comfort.

When does noise actually begin?

During noisy work or work with strong ambient noise (rating level of more than 85 dB[A]), hearing protection must be worn that allows warning signals to be clearly perceived. This also applies to peak sound pressure levels of 137 dB, which occur only occasionally and briefly. In our info chart "The Noise Meter" we have compiled some examples of noise levels in various everyday situations. By the way, the pain threshold is 120 db. Concentration problems can occur at noise levels as low as 40 dB.


Adapted hearing protection
Adapted hearing protection



What does the regulation on the protection of workers from the risks of noise and vibration actually say?


According to the ordinance, hearing protection must be provided for continuous noise above 80 dB(A). As soon as the continuous noise level reaches or exceeds 85 dB(A), hearing protection must be used. For impulse noise above 135 dB(C), the employer must provide appropriate hearing protection. If the impulse noise reaches or exceeds the value of 137 dB(C), the hearing protection must be used accordingly. We will be happy to advise you on all questions relating to hearing protection.

Ordinance for the Protection of Employees against Hazards from Noise and Vibration

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